Performance work


Performance Work

One thing a lot of us desire is more power. Whether it’s to drop another second on your favourite circuit or drag strip, or just wanting a bit more go on the open country roads. There are so many different options and possibilities for any one particular engine, let alone from different manufacturers. So for your particular needs don’t hesitate to contact us and discuss with us what you have in mind, then we we can give you your options and devise a plan to suit what’s best for you.


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Having said all that, there are some general areas that we can discuss here. Below are a few of these areas.

  • Dyno tuning.
  • Upgrading from Carbi to Fuel Injection.
  • Camshaft upgrades.
  • Forced Induction – Turbo or Supercharger.
  • Intercooler installation or ugrade on forced induction cars.
  • Cold air induction.
  • Exhaust system upgrades.


Dyno Tuning

Dyno tuning is a very important part of the engine upgrading process. Every engine will make good gains in hp by adjusting the tune on a dyno. Whether you’re running a set of SU carbi’s, webbers or EFI, all will benefit from a good tune. By optimising the air to fuel ratio and adjusting the ignition timing, you’ll pick up more hp and torque, as well as improved economy. It is also critical to dyno tune freshly built motors to ensure they are running correctly so as not to damage the engine prematurely.

If the engine is running excessively lean (not enough fuel in the air to fuel ratio), it can cause detonation, melt plugs and pistons, and increase engine temps.

If the engine is running excessively rich (too much fuel in the air to fuel ratio), it can cause fouled plugs, wash the oil from the walls of the cylinder inhibiting the run-in process by not allowing the piston rings to bed in properly, it can also lead to oil contamination and excessive fuel consumption.



Carbi to Fuel Injection Conversions

Another way to increase power, improve economy and reliability, is to replace your carbi’s with fuel injection. This can be done a few different ways, each with a different look, approach and application.

As an example, if you’re running a set of three SU’s on the side of a series 1 XJ6 4.2L engine, there are a couple of different ways to go about it.

First option

We can retro-fit a later model series 3 manifold and throttle body, install an after market ECU, bolt it all up, tune it and away it goes. This would be a good setup for someone with a road car, looking for modern car reliability and economy with a factory look.

Second option

We can install a set of 6 individual throttle bodies, much like a triple webber carbi setup, however, the throttle bodies have ports for injectors. Install an aftermarket ECU, tune and it’s done. This option would suit a modified street car with stock cams, right through to a dedicated race car with wild cams in it. A plenum can be built over the entry of the throttle bodies with trumpets and dedicated cold air induction, or they can be left open with a simple sock type filter over the end of the trumpets, or anything in between.


Camshaft Upgrades

A good way to get a good increase in hp and torque, is a camshaft upgrade. We can have one made to suit your exact requirements and engine characteristics. They can be made to give you a mild increase in power and torque for better all round performance, or give you maximum power and torque increase by optimising your current engine modifications.

Forced Induction – Turbo or Supercharger and Nitrous

If looks or class regulations aren’t a restriction. Using forced induction (FI) is probably the easiest way to make the largest gains in hp and torque. The ways of going about this is quite varied, PD (Positive Displacement) blowers, Twin-screw blowers, Centrifugal blowers, Turbos and Nitrous. All of these can be adapted to anything from a stock motor in an MG, right through to a modified 6.2L HSV Holden.

Not only can FI be added, but it can also be modified on cars that have FI as standard. Whether it’s reducing the size of the pulley on a blower to increase boost, or upgrading the exhaust or intercooler on a turbo equiped car. It’s all possible here at All Classic Cars.