Engine Upgrades, swaps and rebuilds

4.2L Race engine, ready for installation into the car.


 Engine upgrades, swaps and rebuilds

4.2L race engine being fitted to an XJ6 club racer.Engine Upgrades, Swaps and Rebuilds

If your motor is feeling tired, or sounding rattley, come in and see us. We can get  your classic car purring along better than when it came off the production line. We can build a motor to suit your needs, whether it’s a standard rebuild for a concours car, or a high performance motor for racing, we can get it sorted for you.

Not only can we carry out engine rebuilds, we can shoe horn larger capacity engines, add forced induction, carbi conversions (2 to 3 carbi setups etc), cam upgrades. We can pretty much do anything here, to give your car the edge it needs.