Mechanical work

Mechanical work at All Classic cars

For a successful restoration, it’s not just the body that needs to be hand crafted to perfection. The drivetrain and suspension are just as critical. The team here at All Classic Cars is just as adpet in perfectly repairing, restoring and upgrading your classic cars drivetrain and suspension, as it is in providing award winning bodywork. We not only work on classic cars, we can also carry out performance upgrades and installations on modern cars.

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The freshly rebuilt suspension and drivetrain on a multi award winning Series 1 E-Type.

When it comes to restoring Classic cars. Our training, experience and intimate knowledge of vehical workings, allows us to know what’s required to make your classic car look, drive and perform as it did, if not better than, when it came off the production line.

No part is left untouched, everything from the air filters, to the differential, we thouroughly inspect, restore and replace what ever is required to ensure your car is nothing but perfect. We also ensure that all of the bolts, nuts and other unpainted parts are either reconditioned and renewed back to thier original form (zinc, chromate, nickel or chrome), or replaced with parts that exactly match thier original form.

We all know that with time, technology has improved vehical performance. Even a few years can make a big difference, we use this to our advantage, if you’re not building a concours car, but rather building the car to drive. We can upgrade parts such as,  larger brake conversions, gearbox swaps (auto to manual, or manual to auto), larger radiator and or electric fans to cope better with Australian summer conditions, power steering installations, or rack & pinion steering conversions, these are just a few things we can do to your car while closely retaining it’s original appearance. This will give you the best of both worlds, a better driving experience with that classic appearance that everyone loves.


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The engine bay of a Series 2 XJ-C we restored.

Servicing and general maintainance


It’s one thing to have your car and it’s driveline and suspension restored, but it’s another to have it maintained. We offer this service for you. Not only can we carry out the regular maintainance and servicing on the vehicals we have restored, but we also offer this service for others.