Classic Car Fabrications

Fuel filler cover/tail light on an XP Falcon

Car and Parts Fabrications

We don’t just fix cars. We can fabricate just about anything, anything from a brake line, a set of extractors, a gearbox mount, customised body work right through to intercooler systems or 4WD Rock sliders, we’ve got it covered. With extensive experience in fabrication in the automotive industry, it gives us great scope to solve your problem, include this with our instinctive eye for detail and you get a product that is functional and aesthetic. More often than not, workshops will fabricate odds and ends for people that are ‘functional’, or ‘get you by’, the problem with this is they are often ugly or extremely over engineered, making them a lot heavier than they need to be. Our knowledge and expertise allows us to create the right component to not only look great, but function perfectly.

Strut brace in a XP Falcon showcar.





These two photos just show the tip of the iceberg, with modifications done to this particular XP Falcon that we built. Not one panel or part was left standard. Literally everything has been modified or customised to some extent. It also highlights the fact that we can fabricate anything to suit any need or project.

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  • AC Cobra

Air filter assembly custom made to seal to the bonnet scoop.

Another example of what we can do. The owner brought us this great example of a Cobra to help him sort it out for a bit of circuit work. He wanted some sort of cold air induction system fitted to make use of the bonnet scoop. He also wanted a full coil-over suspension setup and wheel alignment, the fuel system upgraded from LPG to standard 98 octane fuel with an aluminium tank and Holley Dominator pump, a roll over bar, Accu-Sump oil surge system, Baffled and gated sump as well as a whole host of other modifications and upgrades.



Period Oil pressure light fitted to the Cobra.


Shield to protect the fuel system we installed to replace the LPG system.

















  • Ferrari 246 Dino

Lower section of the wheel well has been fabricated to replace the broken and partly missing original.

This Ferrari 246 came to us painted but unfinished. The car had been around the block a few times, going from shop to shop and had been on the go for many, many years. The last place that had been doing the work, couldn’t do any of the fiberglassing, so we were asked to take over. The interior fiberglass panels had to be secured and sealed, then glassed up. The spare tyre well in the front had to have a new floor made and the assembly had to be secured to the car. The rear had to have the outer engine panel repaired and the sides remade, then insulation had to be made and layered up, the inner boot panel had to be totally fabricated and the whole assembly secured and sealed into the car, then the final glassing had to be done.






Wheel well layed up and ready for trimming and grafting.

New inner boot panel fabricated to replace the scrap or a panel we had to reproduce.











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