Classic Car and Concours, Rust & Smash Repairs


XY Fairmont

One of our restored beauties, caught in an unfortunate incident

Rust and smash repairs at All Classic Cars.

If you’ve read our ‘About us‘ page, you’ll understand that we have a very unique skills set here at All Classic Car Restorations. It goes without saying, that what has made us flourish as a company is the key to also providing you with the best repairs possible. Your classic or concours car is your pride and joy, no one knows this better than us, so rest assured that you won’t find anywhere better to have your Classic car repaired.

A Sunbeam Tiger that was very badly T-boned.

A Sunbeam Tiger that was very badly T-boned.

Why I hear you ask?

It’s quite simple. We are enthusiasts, just like you. We have our own pride and joys that we cherish and this is what makes us perfect to repair your car, because we know how to look after your car. We know that you want your car to be looked after just the same, if not better than the way you do. You don’t want it to sit outside, or in the street, you want it covered up and protected inside. You want the seats and carpets to be covered and anyone getting into the car to be spotless and cautious of the interior. You want the same level of love and passion you have for your car, to be put into the repairs of your car. This is something we can provide, because we know.


To see some examples of jobs we have completed, click on the link below to be taken to our Gallery of Classic and Concourse Smash repairs.