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All Classic Car Restorations and You.

We know what it takes to make a car stand out. Our highly trained and experienced staff know you love your car. We strive to ensure all aspects of the job are taken care of and that your pride and joy is cared for the same as if not better than the way you do. We are a group of automotive enthusiasts and know what you and your car deserve.


TIG Welding

TIG Welding

The Team at All Classic Cars.

The team at All Classic Car Restorations, is here for you. Our attention to detail is second to none, taking great pride in providing exceptional service and award winning restorations and repairs.

Our skilled tradesmen are equiped with some of the best and latest tools and equipment in the Automotive industry, including Snap On – hand tools and electronic equipment, Hirane – spot welders, Mig O Mag – MIG and TIG welders , Robinson Racing Products – alignment and racing equipment, Sikes & Pickevant – hand tools and equipment, just to mention a few, ensuring you get the best service in the most efficient way.

The parts and products we use on your car are also the best available, we ensure that our parts and products are from reputable sources and the best quality at the best price. We strive to use local businesses and support our local economy. Unfortunately, not everything is available locally, when this is the case we have a national and international supplier network that we use.

We also have access to a massive range of aftermarket and performance parts. From ARP, Earls, Eibach, MSD, KONI and PWR to name a few. These brands and many others help us to make your car perform better and more reliably.

A brief history of All Classic Car Restorations.

Our business has evolved quite considerably since our beginning, we started in the early 80’s as a car detailing business that quickly grew as word of mouth spread. It didn’t take long before the demand for small dent and scratch repairs allowed us to expand. The business promptly grew, we had a very large clientel of dealerships and private customers, with an impeccable reputation for attention to detail, making us the best detailing/panelshop business around, word spread and the business continued to grow. This attention to detail is the one thing we pride ourselves on and the one thing that has remained consistant throughout the life of this business. It is also one of the few critical components to providing exceptional repairs and award winning restorations.

As the business evolved, we grew into two seperate premises and with over 30 employees it ran very well. In the late 80’s the Panelshop began absorbing more time due to, the increase in demand for small restorations, an ever growing clientel base and the insurance companies increasingly demanding processes creating more work. It was decided that we sell the detailing side of the business and concentrate on the Panelshop, allowing us to grow further and improve this side of the business. This new dedication, our love for restoring cars and the ever increasing demand for our flawless work saw us doing more and more restoration work, requiring more and more space.

all classic car restoration premises

Our current premises at 11 Orchard rd Brookvale, in Sydney,

In 2004 the decision was made to expand in order to accomodate our continued growth, leading us to our current location. It’s here that our employee list grew and our work diversified even further, again due to demand. Two mechanics were employed to fill the void of Classic Car mechanical support and facilitate the ability to keep all of our services in house.


Tony Pallas in Garry Willmington's Group A XJS at Muscle Car Masters, Eastern Creek.

Tony Pallas in Garry Willmington’s Group A XJS at Muscle Car Masters, Eastern Creek.




During this time our involvement in motorsport had also increased. From competing in Sportscar club Super-sprints and Time-trials, Drag racing,  Motorkhanas and Road rallys, to Historic sportscar racing.  Our continued involvement and development of race cars, both our own and our customers, combined with our wealth of knowledge of both restoration and Smash repairs provides us with a very unique skills set, allowing us to provide you with the best knowledge and skills to prepare, repair or restore your pride and joy.


Some of the services we can provide for you and your car.

classic cars smash repairs workshop

Below is a list of products and services that we can provide you to repair, maintain and restore your pride and joy. All of these services are performed in house by our team of highly skilled tradesmen, with the utmost of care and respect for your vehical.

For more information on the services we provide, click on the paticular item above that you are interested in for an in depth look and photgraphic desctription.